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About Us

San Luis Obispo, California, is an area that is severely lacking in access to affordable Cannabis. We launched The Holistic Collective with the objective of collectively producing our own organic cannabis and providing it in bulk at rates that are 30%-50% less than any of the over 60 competitors in the county!

We pledge to go above and beyond the current industry norm by providing affordable, sustainable care to truly sick patients, many of whom are on fixed incomes.

Special Offerings
  • We offer a FREE 1/8th of buds & 10 FREE seeds of quality genetics to all new patients with valid doctor’s recommendation, to help them grow for themselves.
  • Every order over $150 comes with free edibles.
Priority and Discounts for special patients and seniors

We take it further and offer TOP PRIORITY, plus an additional 10% discount, plus free potent pain-relieving edibles, to any patients suffering from a debilitative condition, and ALL seniors 65+. We also offer local doctor referrals.

The response has been truly phenomenal. Our approach of sharing free, high-potency cannabis seeds with all of our patients and encouraging those who are able, to grow, has resounded with everyone we speak with.


Overall success goes hand-in-hand with servant leadership. People of all walks of life are jumping at the chance to become involved in changing the face of our livelihood, as perceived by our community.

This is no scam and it’s no joke! Real people in our community currently benefit from cannabis and their voices are being heard across all political and social lines. Our collective is comprised of a diverse group of credible and respected patients including doctors, medical service professionals, lawyers, retired CA district attorneys, retired police, CHP, military servicemen and women, veterans, teachers, professors, fire-fighters, fish & game, local business professionals, and most importantly, patients with severely debilitative conditions truly benefitting from the use of cannabis, who are the foundation of this movement!

Long Term Goals

We will strive to make our industry a long term, sustainable and essential fiber in the fabric of our community. We look forward to collaborating together to advance the supply and safe distribution of quality-tested medicine to those in need. Thank you for the opportunity to support our livelihood through serving you, SLO

What our patients are saying

  • "Hands down the best collective that San Luis Obispo has to offer. Very knowledgeable and professional driver. Very good prices and a really good selection of tasty concentrates and flowers. Definitely recommending The Holistic Collective to anyone in the S.L.O area."

    Patient '420helio710'

  • "The scheduling and the delivery was great. Great selection and flowers are very high quality. The owner Fly was very friendly and knowledgeable. The mix and match deal is nice so you can try out some different strains for a cheaper price. The free 1/8th and seeds were great too."

    Patient 'marcus909'

  • "These guys are awesome. They have great prices, great deals and top shelf meds. They are super nice and very professional. I would definitely recommend them to other patients."

    Patient 'tattedpanda805'

  • "Staff here is very professional and accommodating! Know their medicine well and will do there best to make you have a pleasant experience. $50 1/8th isn't the cheapest around but the quality makes it worth it. AND if you can buy in a bit larger quantities they're mix and match deals are unbeatable! I usually buy chocolate at another place but the chocolates here taste better and gave me a smoother high to get me to sleep."

    Patient 'slogrowin'

  • "Some of the best cannabis I have ever had!! The prices are not super high like some other places. I like that you can mix and match, not everybody does that and it is nice to have variety. The greenhouse buds are great and it is a lower price. I would recommend anything from THC. Very professional, super nice and has a great knowledge of the plant and is able to meet my scheduled every time so far. I would Highly recommend."

    Patient 'hightide805'

  • "This is one of the few dispensaries with such great service around and to top it off every thing available is always stony. From the moment you call them you know you are going to get a quality flower or concentrate or whatever you desire. A definite must try for anyone, and it will keep you coming back!"

    Patient 'Worldwidesmoker'

  • "I've tried most of the dispensaries in SLO by this point. There are some that have really good product, some that have really good prices, and a select few that have good service. This place has all three. Excellent buds, lots of great bulk deals. Owner and driver are both super helpful and friendly. Their pink cotton candy is unmatched."

    Patient 'SLObudz23'

  • "First and foremost the verification process was quick and easy! The driver was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional, and was right on time with the delivery. The selection of top shelf and house was real solid, and the top shelf is lights out! Excellent prices and great incentives for first timers and returning customers deserve bonus stars. It is clear that they care about their patients! Will definitely be back as the bud is dank and the service is unbeatable! Well done, keep the fire burning!"

    Patient 'The Der'

  • "The dispensary I had gone through and trusted for years seems to have turned a 180 into the toilet for 2015. So I tried THC as a first-timer...I should have called them long ago. They approved me and delivered in about an hour! (the other place took up to three hours for a driver to just call) THC takes credit cards, offers a discount for epilepsy patients like me, and I love all the creative specials and bonuses. Even seeds. It makes it a lot more fun. Thanks so much, I'll certainly be back."

    Patient 'weedsux'

  • "First time using and was happy with the signup, product and customer service with knowledgable staff"

    Patient 'cottondog'